The Beginning: Jump Rope Promo #1

I’ve had my YouTube channel since May of 2007. Since then I’ve posted a number of videos that I’ve deleted from my uploads, namely a three-season series (comprised of 13 episodes) entitled Missing, which detailed the fictional events of what occurred when my cat Mr. Willy went, well…missing.

I began to take a more professional tone with my work when I began to create promotional videos for the Forbes Flyers, a national and international competitive jump rope team that I am a member of (yes, competitive jump rope exists, as you’ll see in a moment). With my first promo for the team posted in 2008, I saw a bit of success. Up until this moment, the promo has just under 1,500 views.

Missing lasted from 2007 until 2010, but I decided that represented my experimental days…so a DVD of the 13 episodes rests on my desk. I take it everywhere I go to remind myself of how I started and what I could do in the beginning.

This promo changed all of that.

Video: Forbes Flyers Jump Rope Team (Promo #1)

Date Uploaded: February 11, 2008


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