Animating Punctuation: “Life In Technicolor” by Coldplay

When Coldplay’s acclaimed album Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends arrived in June of 2008, I just couldn’t shake the opening track “Life In Technicolor” from my head. What did I do?

You know the answer. Music video time. The first music video for my YouTube channel, actually.

I didn’t have many options for how to film a great music video for a song like this…so the idea for a colossal burst of color came to mind. And then it hit me. Colorful shapes! Okay, I’m making my idea sound so much more grand than it actually is (because in all honesty, looking back, it’s not that great whatsoever), but at the time, with my limited resources, I was quite excited for the possibilities.

So I can proudly say that I used many different fonts of periods and commas to be the shapes. And just played with the keyframes. That’s right, I animated freakin’ punctuation. If that’s not life in technicolor, what is?

Well, maybe the aurora borealis. I digress.

Video: Coldplay – Life In Technicolor (Music Video)

Date Uploaded: April 12, 2009

Note: The video is blocked in Germany. My apologies fellow Germans. Not that I have anyone from Germany reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.


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