My first semester at Boston University involved a mandatory communications class called COM101. One assignment we had was to show how a wordless argument conveys its message without using words. You could choose an advertisement or some sort of vehicle for the assignment, but I decided to create my own video for it.

I noticed that many more people smoke in cities than back home…so I focused on creating a PSA about second-hand smoking, using one of my roommates and another friend, Kendall.

It’s nothing special, but I love good dramatic nonsense. This is that nonsense.

Nonsense that got me an A! (Sorry, that was very conceited of me.)

Video: Second-Hand Smoking PSA

Date Uploaded: October 2, 2010

Note: The video is blocked in Germany. My apologies fellow Germans. Not that I have anyone from Germany reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.


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