The Mountain’s Summit: Applying to NYU Tisch

New York City + filmmaking = gold. Gold = New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

There’s absolutely no question about it: NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts holds the best film program on the east coast. Nothing else to say about that. It’s the truth, because no other east coast school allows for such hands on learning from the start. The school was my goal when I started looking at colleges in 2008. It was the first one I’d ever been interested in.

The application for Tisch involves a creative portfolio, including a dramatic essay, a creative resume, and a submission of a short film less than 10 minutes long. This was the school I wanted to go to more than anything. The chance to live in the Big Apple wouldn’t ever come so easily to me ever again. Now or never.

That meant I had to go all out with everything I had learned from teaching myself Sony Vegas, the non-linear editing program I use. My main interest lay in television, so I focused on creating a pilot, if you will, for a television show. Up until this point in my career, I hadn’t ever really used other actors besides my family and myself in my videos because I just didn’t trust other people to understand the vision I was going for. To this day, I still have a hard time with it. If I do ever become a director one day, it’s going to be my biggest fault: not believing in the actors.

But this project opened my eyes to the possibilities. And I knew I couldn’t make a video for my application without using other actors. I took a leap of faith, and Spectrum was born.

The end of March came, bringing my decision with it. I was accepted. Freaking ACCEPTED.

And now you question me: “Uhhh…dude, you’re at Boston University. What gives?”

What gives? How about NYU Tisch’s $60,000 tuition? How about their highest financial aid packages only offering $9,000 in aid that’s not federal loans? Who the hell can pay for that and live after those four years?

I sound bitter. I’m not. Maybe only five percent bitter. More bitter towards private universities and their ease in sucking the money out from under people’s feet. No…on the contrary, Boston University was the best choice, in the end – money aside. I wouldn’t be in Australia right now if it weren’t for BU. I wouldn’t have the amazing friends I have. I wouldn’t be executive producing a student-run television show. I wouldn’t have the most incredible internship at ZSPACE, learning 3D animation and motion graphics, if not for BU.

This whole video application process was simply a learning experience. You don’t have to go to the best schools to get the best real-life experiences. You don’t need the best to become great at what you do.

So, NYU, thank you. Ranting over: let’s watch Spectrum.

Video: Spectrum: ACCEPTED NYU Tisch Portfolio Film

Date Uploaded: April 2, 2010

Note: The video is blocked in Germany. My apologies fellow Germans. Not that I have anyone from Germany reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.


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