Applying Andy Warhol to the Greatest Singer You’ve Never Heard Of

Her name is Sky Ferreira.

You’ve probably never heard of her. And that’s a shame.

Back in 2010 she released a single,”One,” a catchy electro-pop tune that sent praise her way more often than not. Once again, the song wouldn’t leave my head for days and I had the best idea for a video. What about a trippy color burst of…COLOR? I love Andy Warhol’s work, and wondered if I could recreate some of the awesome color arrangements he put into his artwork. I applied color gradients to everything I could, trying to master Warhol’s use of color.

I also attempted another camera trick with this video…annnnnd it didn’t work out so well. I knew that if you recorded a song faster and then slowed the footage to a slower speed, the mouth would look as if it was going in slow motion at the right time. Kinda worked…kinda didn’t. Up for you to critque! I’m proud of all the experimenting I did here, though. Allowed me to explore a lot more creative effects than I would otherwise normally use.

Get trippy…starting now.

Video: Sky Ferreira – “One” (Music Video)

Date Uploaded: March 11, 2011

Note: The video is blocked in Germany, Canada, Japan, Saint Pierre and Miquelon. My apologies. Not that I have anyone from those places reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.


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