“Some Boys” Shouldn’t Win: A Death Cab For Cutie Video

When Death Cab For Cutie’s newest album Codes and Keys arrived at the end of May 2011, one track instantly embedded itself in my mind’s playlist. Obviously that track, from the title of this post, was “Some Boys.”

Up until this point, I had made music videos for the emotions and artistic visuals I could bring out of the music. This time, I wanted to tackle an actual issue in modern society. Death Cab’s song spoke of boys who pretty much just suck in relationships. What better way to portray that then to illustrate boys who can’t even handle the person they’re in the relationship with?

i.e. abuse.

I broke out of my shell with this one, even enlisting another actress to help me out, one of my lovely best friends: Emily Ross. I basically just told her I was going to fake abuse her, and she was an absolute star about it. We had a lot of laughs fighting with each other.

The real question is, who won the fight? Watch and find out.

Video: Death Cab For Cutie – Some Boys (Music Video)

Date Uploaded: June 13, 2011


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