Things Aren’t Always As You Hear: “Hallway Where?” Short Film

My first semester as a BU sophomore included taking Production I as a class. Our second assignment of the class was to create a short film simply using sound to tell a story. We had to create the soundscape first, and THEN film the visuals.

Tricky. I decided to go ahead and make sounds that you would normally hear, and distort them. For instance, touching a wall usually creates no sound at all. But I wanted to create sounds this time for when that interaction happened.

The story thus goes, in my finished project “Hallway Where,” that a guy wakes up in a narrow hallway in an unusual world. Every time he tries to leave the hallway, he gets zapped back to his starting place. He can’t leave. As he continually tries to leave…well, you’ll see how the end turns out…

You’ve been warned! Don’t get too lost in this one.

Video: Hallway Where? Short Film (Soundscape Project)

Date Uploaded: November 4, 2011


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