As “Wide Awake” As Katy Perry…With Drugs

Yes, I understand the song is a Katy Perry song. I understand that sometimes her songs aren’t meant to be taken with so much depth. But “Wide Awake” is a whole other story.

“Wide Awake” finds itself pertaining to so many situations in life. The song has so much potential for waking people up to the dangers and aches and pains and even happiness in life.

With that in mind, I crafted, honestly, my absolute favorite music video I’ve ever done. An addiction to drugs that ends exactly how it would if the addict doesn’t wake up. No one is wide awake in this video. I didn’t include a reason for the addiction, because sometimes…there just isn’t one. There isn’t a reason for everything. He or she just isn’t awake.

I hope your eyes are wide open after this one. I put my heart and soul into this.

Katy, lead on…

Video: Katy Perry – “Wide Awake” (HD Music Video)

Date Uploaded: July 13, 2012

Note: The video used to be blocked worldwide, hence the Vimeo upload but now YouTube works!

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