Beat Goes On: A Short Film

My most recent short film was actually filmed and produced in September of 2012 while I was studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, but YouTube prevented me from sharing it with the world. But now I’m finally able to share it with you all!

“Beat Goes On” depicts the story of a, shall we say, nomadic female who survives on publicly playing the drums, um, badly. Like, really badly. Played by my good friend Lindsay Kirk, the drummer meets a passerby, played by myself, who takes an interest in her that the drummer misinterprets as something more.

Soundtracked by two of my favorite songs, Norah Jones’ “Good Morning” and Sky Ferreira’s 2012 breakout single “Everything Is Embarrassing,” this lil film became the beautiful art I never actually intended to make. I found that making “Beat Goes On” involved a much harder look at how an edit can affect the entire emotional scope of the project. Because of this, the drummer’s sad fate becomes a lot more upsetting than I originally intended. In a good way.

I know I’m biased, being the director of the whole film, but I always feel empathetic for the drummer. Everyone’s experienced being led on by someone.

But, you know, the heartbeat always goes on.

Video: Beat Goes On

Date Uploaded: September 27, 2012

Note: The film is blocked practically everywhere on YouTube, but I put the link underneath the Vimeo link just in case you want to see if it works.


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