Shadows in Color: “Dark Paradise” by Lana Del Rey

If there was ever a spontaneous music video, this would be it.

But seriously. Thanks to the blizzard named Nemo, I found myself cooped inside my room for a few hours too long. Couple that with the Lana Del Rey kick I’ve been on recently, and oo la la. Maybe oo la la isn’t the best way to put it, but you can be the judge of that.

I glanced around my room looking for inspiration. Ironically, the big blank wall caught my attention. Then began creation.

I simply filmed myself singing the lyrics (and if you look closely enough…oops, I messed up some of the lyrics), and the rest of the effects were performed in post production. I threw on mirror effects any which way I could, and added the gradients to the chorus to emphasize the difference between dark and color – the difference between erotic and not. During the final chorus, you can find a moment where my my actual self grazes the chin of my mirror-self. Holla erotica.

For a sensual woman, I made a sensual video. Have at me.


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