It’s Time To BU: BU’s Class of 2017 Matriculation

Matriculation? What the heck is Matriculation?

That’s a question always heard around the beginning of the new academic year, as new students walk around their new home for maybe the first time. During the summer, new Terriers graduated from high school. When entering Boston University, the president reverses your graduation a bit, so that you may be matriculated into the university to become a fully fledged Terrier.

That’s where I come in this year. I was asked to create a short film celebrating the Orientation sessions the students had experienced, as they now become brand new college students.

You may have seen, witnessed, or heard of my web series, “How To BU,” that provided advice and entertaining antics to new Boston Terriers. Since many of the incoming students had watched parts of the series, I decided to take the mantra of learning “how to BU” and incorporate the meaning behind matriculation.

For them, it was now time to BU. This was their big moment.

But you can’t move on if you don’t celebrate the past, right?

The soundtrack is provided by Anna Kendrick’s infectious melody, “Cups.”

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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