CO-ED: Episode 1, “The Next Generation”

Back in December of 2011, I took over as Co-Executive Producer of “Co-Ed,” a mockumentary that aired on Boston University’s student-run television station, butv10. I took on being showrunner during a time when the comedy show was transitioning from a set of EPs and a cast that had graduated or moved on. The show was revamping with a new cast, a new pilot…

Thus, a new generation.

The pilot was already written when I took over with my fellow EPs Carolyn Cicalese and James Molinaro. However, for the next two years until this moment, the production and post-production of this pilot episode for The Next Generation underwent cast and crew changes so often that we were finally able to complete the episode this semester.

Carolyn and I decided to split this originally 30 minute episode into 3 smaller episodes, to accommodate more of a social YouTube way of viewing on the internet, despite the episode still airing on Channel 10 in Boston.

Despite all of the setbacks, Carolyn and I are excited to present the first episode of Co-Ed, “The Next Generation.”

Watch the episode on butv10 here.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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