CO-ED: The Next Generation, PILOT

Here’s the final episode Carolyn and I directed and produced before shipping off to BU Los Angeles, written by ourselves and our writing staff.


CO-ED: Episode 3, “Everything’s Crabby”

Our third episode (aka the 3nd act of the original pilot episode) of Co-Ed ties up what we started in the pilot, and gives us one final look at this cast before we transition into our newest cast. How does that transition occur? You’ll have to wait for Episode 4 to find out or put your guesses in the comments!

All the suitemates find themselves at odds as the Jesus’ Hornblowers concert and the crab fundraiser both approach. Can friends be friends, or will this drive the suite apart?

Watch the episode on butv10 here.

CO-ED: Episode 2, Grinding

Our second episode (essentially the 2nd act of the original pilot episode) of Co-Ed intensifies a number of our plots.

Bethany and Dylan’s feud over their conflicting events intensifies as both get, shall we say, crabby. Grant ropes Adam into six step program for getting over girls, putting them and Shane in quite the compromising situation.

Watch the episode on butv10 here.

CO-ED: Episode 1, “The Next Generation”

Back in December of 2011, I took over as Co-Executive Producer of “Co-Ed,” a mockumentary that aired on Boston University’s student-run television station, butv10. I took on being showrunner during a time when the comedy show was transitioning from a set of EPs and a cast that had graduated or moved on. The show was revamping with a new cast, a new pilot…

Thus, a new generation.

The pilot was already written when I took over with my fellow EPs Carolyn Cicalese and James Molinaro. However, for the next two years until this moment, the production and post-production of this pilot episode for The Next Generation underwent cast and crew changes so often that we were finally able to complete the episode this semester.

Carolyn and I decided to split this originally 30 minute episode into 3 smaller episodes, to accommodate more of a social YouTube way of viewing on the internet, despite the episode still airing on Channel 10 in Boston.

Despite all of the setbacks, Carolyn and I are excited to present the first episode of Co-Ed, “The Next Generation.”

Watch the episode on butv10 here.