“The Great Australian Bake-Off” Opening Titles

While working as an intern with ZSPACE in 2012, I had a hand in the creation of the opening titles for a new show on Channel 9 in Australia, titled “The Great Australian Bake-Off.”

My roles included first editing a pre-animatic so the Creative Director could piece together the timings of the 3D animations before we actually went out and shot the footage. Once it was time to shoot, I traveled with the crew to the outskirts of Sydney (almost near the Outback!) to witness some true Aussie living, and capture some of the iconic Aussie footage that the 3D artists would then turn into food.

It was an amazing learning experience, seeing how the process of adding animations to raw footage. There was much back and forth involved with arranging the soundtrack so the animations were timed correctly and didn’t appear disjointed. It was interesting to note the differences the director and 3D artists noted, both criticisms leading to a perfect and fun polished clip.

The final product is below: