I WANT MY PRESENTS NOW: Christmas Morning

You may hate when Christmas starts to pop up around the beginning of November, when Thanksgiving hasn’t even graced us yet. But let’s be honest, there are worse things in the world, am I right or am I right?

That said, I took a break from the final season of my series Missing (mainly to figure out my storyline issues) to film a short, fun Christmas film. Everyone knows the stress the holidays bring. Everyone knows how everyone forgets everything this time of year. Everyone knows that feeling of anticipation the night before…food, presents, family, friends, joy…there’s nothing to beat it.

So I put all of that in one two minute film. That still makes me laugh to this day. And I’m not just saying that.

Well, maybe I am. Let me check.

Nope, I’m in love. Find out for yourself. Christmas is here:

Video: Christmas Morning

Date Uploaded: December 5, 2009