Reliving “127 Hours”

My final project for the Post Production FX Editing class I took this past spring semester was to take the film “127 Hours” and create a brand new trailer. I needed to propose a reason as to why I wanted to create a new trailer, and how mine would be different.

The film is largely an internal look at Aron Ralston’s character development – what led him to this horrible circumstance, and how he learns from them to get out of it. From that standpoint, I developed a trailer that tracked his journey to the moment he was trapped by the rock, filled with spots of the moments in his life that marked momentous decisions or serious character traits (read: flaws).

Beginning with Dido’s “Blackbird,” I segued into Oliver Tank’s “Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion,” a song most know from the viral YouTube Aussie hit “It’s Time.” Tank’s synths develop the sympathy towards Aron’s character I wished to portray.

The final result might actually bring a tear to your eye.

Freedom in Travel: Dido’s “No Freedom”

For my FX Editing class this semester, we were tasked one week to create a music video using any techniques we had learned in AfterEffects, Photoshop, and Avid thus far. The goal of the video was to present something about ourselves – sort a biographical film piece.

I could’ve easily chosen to make a high-energy jump rope video, since I’d been competing and demo-ing for twelve or thirteen years of my life. But coming back from abroad made me nostalgic for all the travelling I’ve done, and so I chosen to present the scope of the world through my eyes. I decided to show Africa, Australia, and New Zealand using Dido’s newest song “No Freedom.”

I chose “No Freedom” not because of my bias towards Dido’s easy harkening of nostalgia and emotion in general, but because the lyrics of the song created the sense of finding freedom in doing what you love. I love travelling. And I hope this video shows it.

“No freedom without love.”

P.S. Happy 60th post!

It’s No ‘127 Hours’ But Still Epic: Oscar-Nominated “If I Rise”

After writing this post directly after my Snow Patrol piece, I realized that video and this music video are very similar in their use of memory to tell a story. Guess I was on a memory kick.

Anyways, on to this music video, also one of my huge favorites: Dido & A.R. Rahman’s “If I Rise,” the theme song from Danny Boyle’s acclaimed film 127 Hours (also one of my favorite movies). The film’s story, combined with the song’s epic and uplifting mood practically begged me personally to make a music video for it.

The memory in this video is more pronounced, as more of the story is told through the flashbacks. I really tried to focus on the narrative in this one. There are certainly some flaws I could point out, but it definitely works in the long run. I’m definitely proud of this video.

Plus, who doesn’t love Dido?

Don’t answer that. I will always love her.

Video: Dido & A.R. Rahman – If I Rise (Music Video)

Date Uploaded: March 5, 2011

Note: The video is blocked in Germany. My apologies fellow Germans. Not that I have anyone from Germany reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.

Life In Reverse: “Stoned” by Dido

My “Life In Technicolor” video pushed me into a deep abyss of interest in the art of music videos. I decided to continue my pursuit into fun music videos…on Easter Day 2009 no less. Not kidding. My family was eating great food. I was making fun videos.

Looking back on it, that’s all this video was: fun (for the most part). I did take some more leaps and bounds with this one though. Dido’s lyrics made me want to explore how to weave a thread between language and visuals. Essentially, the one line “when you’re stoned, baby, and I am drunk” drove the structure of this video…as you might guess. I experimented with visual reversals and glows to create the feel of a mind out of control or in a separate place.

I also experimented with lip syncing. Key word: experimented.

“Stoned” was actually my first video to gain a relatively good number of comments and likes on YouTube (for an amateur). With over 2,000 since it’s upload, I’m quite impressed such an amateur video actually was found on a YouTube search at all. Kudos to me? Nah. Kudos to YouTube searching and Dido’s fans.

Now, I allow you to get “Stoned” with me.

Video: Dido – “Stoned” (Music Video)

Date Uploaded: April 26, 2009

Note: The video is blocked in Germany. My apologies fellow Germans. Not that I have anyone from Germany reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.

Professionally Promoting: Jump Rope Promo #3

After a year from the first and second jump rope promos, I decided wanted a break from Missing for a bit (the second season just ended…it wouldn’t be until the end of the year when I would revamp the series for its final season) and realized I wanted to make an even better promo. One that was short and to the point. Something that looked way more professional than the previous two did.

I gave myself a 90 second limit. I took all the footage I had and threw in my bag of tricks. Throughout the process, I realized one important thing that I would relearn later on in college: enter the scene late and leave early. That’s why I love this promo so much. I kept it tight.

It hasn’t been as popular over the years as the first two, but I’m so much prouder of this final promo for the Forbes Flyers than I am of the others.

Here we go:

Video: Forbes Flyers Jump Rope Team (Promo #3)

Date Uploaded: February 15, 2009