Trapped! But “We’ll Be Fine” by Rebecca Ferguson

It’s been quite some time since I’ve released a self-made video. I can safely say that “The Pulse of the City” video for Hothouse is to blame, as well as my entire first semester of senior year at BU.

I recently came across X-Factor UK runner-up Rebecca Ferguson, a woman who’s soulful voice is immense and entrancing. A song from her second hit studio album (“Freedom”) entitled “We’ll Be Fine” struck me – it’s an intense song, one that echoes about in your head, constantly reminding you that you’ll always be fine, no matter the situation.

With a low battery on my camera, a laziness to charge it, and a desire to create something fun for myself, I threw myself into the fresh Connecticut snow and created this vision of my character being trapped by an invisible force field. He eventually calms down and escapes – an easy depiction of being fine, but an interesting one. I took some of the same visuals from my flick for “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry, which I think has the same successful effect.

Let me know: ya feelin’ fine?


The “Wonder” of New York & Emeli Sandé

If there was ever such a thing as a spontaneous music video, this would be it.

I was visiting my best friend, Maura, and her sister, Alison, in NYC one weekend in the summer of 2012. As I stepped off the train in Grand Central, I just felt the overwhelming power to love the city…as largely corny as that sounds. I whipped out my little digital camera and just shot anything as I walked by. The city in its natural state. The city when no one was watching.

Maura and Alison became mini stars of the video in the process. Maura was none-too-fond of my choosing her spread-eagle shot being the cover photo for the video, but we laugh about it now. We’ve been best friends for quite some time.

I also chose the video to be the opportunity to experiment with the Chroma Key/green screen effect. I used the moving shots from the train as my backdrop and filmed against as solid a color wall as I could find. It was mostly successful, I believe, for the little experimentation I’ve done with it and considering the lack of equipment I have.

“Wonder” is such an interesting visual to watch, so I hope it entrances you.

Marvel below.

Video: Emeli Sandé & Naughty Boy – “Wonder” (HD Music Video)

Date Uploaded: July 20, 2012

Note: The video is blocked practically worldwide except from the US on YouTube so I uploaded it to Vimeo. Try both for the heck of it.