A Blip of Advocacy: ‘Primeval’

This is absolutely the number one silliest thing I’ve ever done on my YouTube channel.

Primeval, a show that used to run on ITV1 in the UK, was one of my favorite shows until it was recently cancelled-but-never-officially-cancelled earlier this year (or last year…can’t remember, oops). Running for five seasons so far, it was basically about dinosaurs appearing in present time and starred an ex-S Club 7 member. Obviously that’s why I watched it.

ANYWAYS. After the third season finale, the show was abruptly cancelled for financial reasons. It was eventually brought back to life for two more seasons, but before that, I was quite the upset lil dude. They ended the show on the hugest cliffhanger ever!

So I took the show’s opening title from the third season and uploaded it to YouTube as a way to advocate for the show.

I know, I know, I’m such a martyr. A rebel.

(Hey, it did get renewed for two more seasons. Kudos to me?)

Video: Primeval – Series 3 Opening Theme / Intro

Date Uploaded: June 7, 2009