It’s Time To BU: BU’s Class of 2017 Matriculation

Matriculation? What the heck is Matriculation?

That’s a question always heard around the beginning of the new academic year, as new students walk around their new home for maybe the first time. During the summer, new Terriers graduated from high school. When entering Boston University, the president reverses your graduation a bit, so that you may be matriculated into the university to become a fully fledged Terrier.

That’s where I come in this year. I was asked to create a short film celebrating the Orientation sessions the students had experienced, as they now become brand new college students.

You may have seen, witnessed, or heard of my web series, “How To BU,” that provided advice and entertaining antics to new Boston Terriers. Since many of the incoming students had watched parts of the series, I decided to take the mantra of learning “how to BU” and incorporate the meaning behind matriculation.

For them, it was now time to BU. This was their big moment.

But you can’t move on if you don’t celebrate the past, right?

The soundtrack is provided by Anna Kendrick’s infectious melody, “Cups.”


One Final Gift: Passenger’s “Let Her Go”

The power of love within the confines of a relationship between two human beings is a beautiful thing. It makes us do absolutely crazy things that are somehow always genuine to the millionth degree. There’s an understanding that both are in this moment together, no matter what.

This piece I created for Passenger’s hit song “Let Her Go” took that idea, and yanked away one half of that love. Death. How can love permeate death? It’s a legitimate fear to not being loved once a significant other dies.

Here, I explored that dynamic between two men in love. The partner who was left behind is still in the mourning stages, and, as the letter from his partner reads, this mourning was completely the work of an illness. His grief is illustrated through the nondisclosure of his face and most of his body. Grief is an interesting concept, as it can be triggered in the most unexpected ways – through happy moments or sad moments or anything in-between.

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But then the video his partner left behind plays, a gift created so that he never has to remember him as sick, “but as someone who is eternally grateful and happy” his partner entered his life. This was the ultimate portrayal of love permeating death. In his final days, his partner wanted to illustrate just how happy in life and the world he was all thanks to their relationship, their love. In the end, love shines through.

No matter the situation, it’s always the most difficult to let someone go. Passenger evokes this with his music and lyrics.

I simply illustrated it through the love of two human beings, and one final gift.

BU Study Abroad: Dear Orientation Me…

The following video was quickly strung together to be used for the Boston University Class of 2017 Orientation sessions this summer. It features your very own Two Biddies and a Bloke!

Reliving “127 Hours”

My final project for the Post Production FX Editing class I took this past spring semester was to take the film “127 Hours” and create a brand new trailer. I needed to propose a reason as to why I wanted to create a new trailer, and how mine would be different.

The film is largely an internal look at Aron Ralston’s character development – what led him to this horrible circumstance, and how he learns from them to get out of it. From that standpoint, I developed a trailer that tracked his journey to the moment he was trapped by the rock, filled with spots of the moments in his life that marked momentous decisions or serious character traits (read: flaws).

Beginning with Dido’s “Blackbird,” I segued into Oliver Tank’s “Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion,” a song most know from the viral YouTube Aussie hit “It’s Time.” Tank’s synths develop the sympathy towards Aron’s character I wished to portray.

The final result might actually bring a tear to your eye.

Boston: My ‘Hometown Glory’

As I near the end of my third year at Boston University, I can firmly say that Boston has become more of a home for me than I ever thought it would. The history, the contemporary, the scenery, the lack of a street grid system, the T, the Pru, the food, the food, the food, and the people…all of it is quite a large percentage of what’s made my first 3 years in college the most incredible unexpected experience.

And then, one fine Boston Marathon day, my beautiful city went up in smoke – literally.

I could waste the rest of this post talking about the bombing and the terrorists. But I don’t want to give them attention. Instead, I present a tribute to my favorite city in the entire world. Boston. Forever beautiful. Forever strong.

In other words, Boston’s the hometown glory I never expected to find.

Take it away, Adele.

Freedom in Travel: Dido’s “No Freedom”

For my FX Editing class this semester, we were tasked one week to create a music video using any techniques we had learned in AfterEffects, Photoshop, and Avid thus far. The goal of the video was to present something about ourselves – sort a biographical film piece.

I could’ve easily chosen to make a high-energy jump rope video, since I’d been competing and demo-ing for twelve or thirteen years of my life. But coming back from abroad made me nostalgic for all the travelling I’ve done, and so I chosen to present the scope of the world through my eyes. I decided to show Africa, Australia, and New Zealand using Dido’s newest song “No Freedom.”

I chose “No Freedom” not because of my bias towards Dido’s easy harkening of nostalgia and emotion in general, but because the lyrics of the song created the sense of finding freedom in doing what you love. I love travelling. And I hope this video shows it.

“No freedom without love.”

P.S. Happy 60th post!

And Then…It Ended: “Living With Dan” Series Finale

We say our farewells to our sophomore year at BU with a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, Global Day of Service, and the Boston Marathon.

I wanted to have a farewell full of events and good times that show just how tight a city school can be. I think I got my point across.

Dan goes on as an RA, and so we cannot live together any longer. Plus, I’m going abroad to Australia! We’ll always be best friends, though. No doubt about that.

And now…for the series finale of LWD. It’s a tear-jerker.

Video: Living With Dan VLOG #9 (Series Finale)

Date Uploaded: April 24, 2012


The Drama in Illumination: “The Falling” Short Film

My final Production I project was to create a full blown short film, no longer than 8 minutes if I recall correctly.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I have a bad habit of acting in my own movies because I never feel as though I get across my messages to actors clearly enough to achieve the movie I want. This influenced the making of this film as well. Over 2011’s Thanksgiving break, I filmed myself, and two of my best friends (both of whom featured in Spectrum as well, if you look back).

I love flashbacks, and used that as a narrative vehicle to tell my story of a near-death experience.

Okay, near-death is a bit over exaggerated…but isn’t that what film is sometimes about? The extremes? No? Yes?

I’m talking to myself again, aren’t I?

In any case, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with “The Falling” as I always do. This is one of my favorites.

Video: “The Falling” Short Film (Boston University Production I Final Film) | Canon T2i

Date Uploaded: December 8, 2011

Me, Myself, and Coldplay’s “The Scientist”

I honestly could not tell you to this day what possessed me to make a music video for Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” I know for a fact I didn’t know what I was doing when I was filming that one day at the Boston Harbor. I know for a fact that the whole video was a spur of the moment/wing it kind of deal.

And I know for a fact that all I wanted to do at that point in my life was to make a video that honored the song.

When I began to enter post-production for it, I knew the video wasn’t going to turn out very well in the end. The quality was relatively low. My lip-syncing was hardly noticeable at times. I also felt like I didn’t even have enough material to create a video for the whole five minute song.

I almost gave up in the middle of editing, starting from scratch. But I didn’t. I realized that maybe the video was illustrated exactly what I subconsciously wanted to capture. The barely moving lips. The focus on nature and the city. Maybe the bareness of the video was capturing the simplicity of the sadness and poignancy of the song (or so I deluded myself into thinking).

No matter the reason for making the video, the fact of the matter is that it’s gained almost 3,000 views since it’s uploading over a year ago. Someone must like it enough. Something about my video resonates.

I just re-watched it. And now I look at myself differently, both as an artist and as a person.

Video: Coldplay – The Scientist (Music Video)

Date Uploaded: September 11, 2011

Note: The video is blocked in Germany and the UK. My apologies fellow Germans and British folk. Not that I have anyone from Germany or the UK reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.

BU Freshmen Frenzy: “Living With Dan VLOG #2”

Simply put, the freshmen fun continues with this one. And then…sophomore year hits us square in the face. Relive our lives here!

Video: Living With Dan VLOG #2

Date Uploaded: July 8, 2011

Note: The video is blocked in Germany. My apologies fellow Germans. Not that I have anyone from Germany reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.