Behind the Scenes: “Let Her Go”

UPDATE: Watch the new, full video here!

I’m not usually one to take people behind the camera lens as I create my videos (unless I’m getting paid to!), but with my upcoming work for Passenger’s breakout hit “Let Her Go” I just had the urge to. Sometimes you just gotta roll with those urges.

“Let Her Go” is an extremely evocative song, filled with so much emotion, perfectly balancing heartbreak with happiness and a tinge of future uncertainty. I used all three in creating my vision for the song.


While I don’t want to spoil the premise of the whole film, I will say that I structured it as a film within a film. One character finds a DVD another character left behind and plays it, watching all the heartbreak, happiness, and future uncertainty unfold before his own eyes. It’s more of a film that will illustrate an acceptance of the blending of those three.

I’m struggling, however, with the effects, as I want a nostalgic tone, but not so much so that it looks like a movie from the ’80s (which has been a bit of my mantra the past couple of films). It’s a bit of challenge to separate what’s the real film and what’s the film on the DVD, but I’ve been working out different methods on this challenge.

One thing is for sure, though, it’s all slowly but surely coming together. As it always does, I suppose.

But hey, if we can’t celebrate the coming together but only the finished product, where’s the fun in that?

Freedom in Travel: Dido’s “No Freedom”

For my FX Editing class this semester, we were tasked one week to create a music video using any techniques we had learned in AfterEffects, Photoshop, and Avid thus far. The goal of the video was to present something about ourselves – sort a biographical film piece.

I could’ve easily chosen to make a high-energy jump rope video, since I’d been competing and demo-ing for twelve or thirteen years of my life. But coming back from abroad made me nostalgic for all the travelling I’ve done, and so I chosen to present the scope of the world through my eyes. I decided to show Africa, Australia, and New Zealand using Dido’s newest song “No Freedom.”

I chose “No Freedom” not because of my bias towards Dido’s easy harkening of nostalgia and emotion in general, but because the lyrics of the song created the sense of finding freedom in doing what you love. I love travelling. And I hope this video shows it.

“No freedom without love.”

P.S. Happy 60th post!

Power of Memory: Snow Patrol’s ‘You Could Be Happy’

It was the end of December 2010, and I hadn’t made a music video since the very beginning of the year. What?

I had to rectify that, so I found inspiration from my first semester at BU. Many of my friends were ready to go home for winter break, as none of them had been away from home for so long before. There was a lot of nostalgia floating around, stories of family, friends, pets, world travels, death…

And it hit me. Or, rather, blasted out of my headphones while walking down Comm Ave. One of my absolute favorite songs, Snow Patrol’s “You Could Be Happy,” fit the tune of nostalgia perfectly. Memory and past relationships flood the lyrics, so I made them flood my music video.

I used reversals to back my main character through the streets to find himself at home, where the death of his cat still haunts him, so much that memories of everyone in his life haunt him as well. (Gee, where did that idea come from?)

Looking back on this video, I realize how truly beloved this video is to my heart. Mr. Willy is always near and dear to me, and sometimes I just have to stop and remember him no matter where I am or what I’m doing. This video helps me. It may not be the most craftily edited, but it doesn’t have to be.

You could be happy, Snow Patrol? This video makes me happy.

Video: Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy (Music Video)

Date Uploaded: December 30, 2010

Note: The video is blocked in Germany. My apologies fellow Germans. Not that I have anyone from Germany reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.