Professionally Promoting: Jump Rope Promo #3

After a year from the first and second jump rope promos, I decided wanted a break from Missing for a bit (the second season just ended…it wouldn’t be until the end of the year when I would revamp the series for its final season) and realized I wanted to make an even better promo. One that was short and to the point. Something that looked way more professional than the previous two did.

I gave myself a 90 second limit. I took all the footage I had and threw in my bag of tricks. Throughout the process, I realized one important thing that I would relearn later on in college: enter the scene late and leave early. That’s why I love this promo so much. I kept it tight.

It hasn’t been as popular over the years as the first two, but I’m so much prouder of this final promo for the Forbes Flyers than I am of the others.

Here we go:

Video: Forbes Flyers Jump Rope Team (Promo #3)

Date Uploaded: February 15, 2009