An Aussie Halloween: Australia, Part 6

Towards the end of October, something happened to us Two Biddies and a Bloke. We saw Christmas decorations. Everywhere.

There’s nothing more shocking than seeing one holiday occur before another, so seeing Christmas trees before Halloween even took place was completely jarring. But since Australia doesn’t celebrate Australia (something which is now changing), we had to make due with what we had.

Which meant celebrating Halloween like us Americans would.

This installment also sees us going to the Opera House to see “Blue Planet” live, in concert. We also woke up at some ungodly hour to watch the sunrise at Bondi Beach. What good travelers we are.


Video: Study Abroad Australia BLOG #6 (Boston University)

Date Uploaded: November 6, 2012


Lost in Oz: Australia, Part 1

The adventures of Two Biddies and a Bloke begin here, with the first installment of our video blog/documentary series as we study abroad in Australia. We kept referring to the entire project as video blogging, but it more or less turned into a documentary of adventuring through the land down under. I approached the entire production as illustrating our assimilation of three Americans into Australian culture. Whether or not that venture succeeded is up to my viewers.

This installment features our meeting the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge along with moving into our apartment in Sydney.

Fly away with us.

Video: Study Abroad Australia 2012 BLOG #1 (Boston University)

Date Uploaded: August 21, 2012

Note: The video is blocked in Germany. My apologies fellow Germans. Not that I have anyone from Germany reading my website…at all. Just throwing it out there.