Bronze Medals & Lady Gaga: 2012 USA Jump Rope Nationals

Another year, another USA Jump Rope Nationals.

Third place team show, many of our teams and individuals competing at Grand Nationals…I’d say it was a good year.

Video: 2012 USA Jump Rope Nationals (with Team Show)

Date Uploaded: June 29, 2012

Jump Rope Has Fever: 2010’s National 3rd Place Team Show

2010 brought the Forbes Flyers to yet another national competition.

This time, I, and the two other high school seniors Stephanie Scoville and Heather Jolicoeur, were co-captains. As captains, we were in charge of crafting and choreographing this year’s team show. We grappled FOREVER with trying to find another theme to top our 3rd place finish last year from Grease.

The theme didn’t end up working out this year. Instead, we raved.

A 3rd place/bronze medaling rave. Second year in a row. Got “Fever”?

Video: USAJR Nationals 2010: 3rd Place Team Show, Forbes Flyers

Date Uploaded: June 30, 2010

Grease Lightning for the Bronze: 2009 USA Jump Rope Nationals

The year of 2009 brought on another national competition for the Forbes Flyers competitive jump rope team. And featured, at long last, a third place finish for our team in an event called team show.

We jazzed up team show this year and made it Grease-themed. What better way to win the judges over by making them dance in their seat, right?

Get some popcorn, folks.

Video: 2009 USA Jump Rope Nationals

Date Uploaded: July 2, 2009