Chris is currently a Producer in theatrical and streaming marketing production out in Los Angeles, working at full service entertainment and advertising agency Tiny Hero.

Having graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication in 2014 with a degree in Film & Television (and a trusty Sociology minor), Chris first moved to Los Angeles with a background in editing, writing and producing. He held  casting and development positions within Lionsgate Television, taking on a few freelance gigs in his spare time. He transitioned to post production on YouTube Red’s first scripted series STEP UP (adapted from the original film) before hopping to advertising agency Ant Farm, then Tiny Hero.

Chris takes the skills he’s honed in university and post-university into his creative work, always soaking in the opportunities to learn and perform more. Every project is a blank slate for success and a vessel for new perspectives.

In his spare time, he participates in competitive jump rope and writes novels and short stories.