CO-ED: The Next Generation, PILOT

Here’s the final episode Carolyn and I directed and produced before shipping off to BU Los Angeles, written by ourselves and our writing staff.


Trapped! But “We’ll Be Fine” by Rebecca Ferguson

It’s been quite some time since I’ve released a self-made video. I can safely say that “The Pulse of the City” video for Hothouse is to blame, as well as my entire first semester of senior year at BU.

I recently came across X-Factor UK runner-up Rebecca Ferguson, a woman who’s soulful voice is immense and entrancing. A song from her second hit studio album (“Freedom”) entitled “We’ll Be Fine” struck me – it’s an intense song, one that echoes about in your head, constantly reminding you that you’ll always be fine, no matter the situation.

With a low battery on my camera, a laziness to charge it, and a desire to create something fun for myself, I threw myself into the fresh Connecticut snow and created this vision of my character being trapped by an invisible force field. He eventually calms down and escapes – an easy depiction of being fine, but an interesting one. I took some of the same visuals from my flick for “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry, which I think has the same successful effect.

Let me know: ya feelin’ fine?

The Pulse of the City: Kenmore Square

For the past four months of this semester, I’ve been enrolled in a class entitled Hothouse Productions, which is a student-run client-driven production company based at BU.

The goal of the semester? Make the best video for your client. Or else.

Goal met. Goal met big time.

My group and I – Kellan Reck, Katie Wolosoff, and Brian Gallagher AKA Team Kenmore – took on Hotel Commonwealth, a popular Boston hotel in Kenmore Square, as our client. We met with the hotel management, who charged us with the task of creating a promotional video not for them, but for Kenmore Square.

Shooting time lapses in Kenmore Square.
Shooting time lapses in Kenmore Square.

What’s the purpose of that? The hotel wanted to promote the special area Kenmore has become for the city. Kenmore used to be quite the dodgy neighborhood, but now, thanks to the hotel and thriving businesses in the square, Kenmore has quite literally become the heart of Boston. It’s pulse.

Kenmore Square is the where you see the pulse of the city.

More time lapses!
More time lapses!

Our resulting work below represents some of the most satisfying work my Brian, Katie, Kellan, and I have ever done. From shooting on the roof of the hotel in the wee hours of the morning to staying up way past our bedtime for lil meetings that became quite the bonding moments for us, we’ve created not just a promotional video for Hotel Commonwealth to share on their website, but a tribute to Kenmore. A tribute to Boston.

Why would you need to go anywhere else?

Shooting on the roof of Hotel Commonwealth.
Shooting on the roof of Hotel Commonwealth.

BIG BIG BIG special thanks to our professor, Barry Nolan, and his wife, Garland Waller, for all of their help in making this a success.

Producer: Brian Gallagaher

Associate Producer: Katie Wolosoff

Director: Kellan Reck

Editor & Media Manager: Chris Roys

Written by: Katie Wolosoff, Chris Roys & Brian Gallagaher

Narrator: Will Keary

Executive Producer: Barry Nolan

CO-ED: Episode 3, “Everything’s Crabby”

Our third episode (aka the 3nd act of the original pilot episode) of Co-Ed ties up what we started in the pilot, and gives us one final look at this cast before we transition into our newest cast. How does that transition occur? You’ll have to wait for Episode 4 to find out or put your guesses in the comments!

All the suitemates find themselves at odds as the Jesus’ Hornblowers concert and the crab fundraiser both approach. Can friends be friends, or will this drive the suite apart?

Watch the episode on butv10 here.

CO-ED: Episode 2, Grinding

Our second episode (essentially the 2nd act of the original pilot episode) of Co-Ed intensifies a number of our plots.

Bethany and Dylan’s feud over their conflicting events intensifies as both get, shall we say, crabby. Grant ropes Adam into six step program for getting over girls, putting them and Shane in quite the compromising situation.

Watch the episode on butv10 here.

CO-ED: Episode 1, “The Next Generation”

Back in December of 2011, I took over as Co-Executive Producer of “Co-Ed,” a mockumentary that aired on Boston University’s student-run television station, butv10. I took on being showrunner during a time when the comedy show was transitioning from a set of EPs and a cast that had graduated or moved on. The show was revamping with a new cast, a new pilot…

Thus, a new generation.

The pilot was already written when I took over with my fellow EPs Carolyn Cicalese and James Molinaro. However, for the next two years until this moment, the production and post-production of this pilot episode for The Next Generation underwent cast and crew changes so often that we were finally able to complete the episode this semester.

Carolyn and I decided to split this originally 30 minute episode into 3 smaller episodes, to accommodate more of a social YouTube way of viewing on the internet, despite the episode still airing on Channel 10 in Boston.

Despite all of the setbacks, Carolyn and I are excited to present the first episode of Co-Ed, “The Next Generation.”

Watch the episode on butv10 here.

“The Biggest Loser Australia” Opening Titles

While interning with ZSPACE in Australia in 2012, I helped the crew work on the pitch and pre-production for the new opening titles to Australia’s “The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation.”

My duties included helping the company prepare their pitch to the showrunners in order to get the job. Once we (hooray!) got the job, we had to scout locations and plan out the logistics of the actual shoot. I unfortunately had to leave the country before the shoot happened, as my study abroad program had ended, but the final product is ultimately an emotive piece of work. I’m proud of the work the company did with this, capturing the strength of Cyndi Lauper’s track to represent the strength the competitors need to discover and embody.

“The Great Australian Bake-Off” Opening Titles

While working as an intern with ZSPACE in 2012, I had a hand in the creation of the opening titles for a new show on Channel 9 in Australia, titled “The Great Australian Bake-Off.”

My roles included first editing a pre-animatic so the Creative Director could piece together the timings of the 3D animations before we actually went out and shot the footage. Once it was time to shoot, I traveled with the crew to the outskirts of Sydney (almost near the Outback!) to witness some true Aussie living, and capture some of the iconic Aussie footage that the 3D artists would then turn into food.

It was an amazing learning experience, seeing how the process of adding animations to raw footage. There was much back and forth involved with arranging the soundtrack so the animations were timed correctly and didn’t appear disjointed. It was interesting to note the differences the director and 3D artists noted, both criticisms leading to a perfect and fun polished clip.

The final product is below:

It’s Time To BU: BU’s Class of 2017 Matriculation

Matriculation? What the heck is Matriculation?

That’s a question always heard around the beginning of the new academic year, as new students walk around their new home for maybe the first time. During the summer, new Terriers graduated from high school. When entering Boston University, the president reverses your graduation a bit, so that you may be matriculated into the university to become a fully fledged Terrier.

That’s where I come in this year. I was asked to create a short film celebrating the Orientation sessions the students had experienced, as they now become brand new college students.

You may have seen, witnessed, or heard of my web series, “How To BU,” that provided advice and entertaining antics to new Boston Terriers. Since many of the incoming students had watched parts of the series, I decided to take the mantra of learning “how to BU” and incorporate the meaning behind matriculation.

For them, it was now time to BU. This was their big moment.

But you can’t move on if you don’t celebrate the past, right?

The soundtrack is provided by Anna Kendrick’s infectious melody, “Cups.”

BU FYSOP 2013 Closing Ceremony Film

There’s an essential fear that almost everyone experiences in their lifetime when entering a new part of their life. You don’t know what’s happening next; you don’t know what’s going to come of what new era you’re stepping in to.

It’s all a horror movie, really. That’s the idea myself and two other BU students took into account when we were asked by BU’s Director of Development Dr. Beverly Brown to produce and star in a short film to provide new students with upperclassmen advice, tips, tricks, and warnings about entering the university.

The result was a lot of fun to create. After filming all around campus, giving insight into different programs, activities, or ways of life, I applied multiple lighting effects at every turn to turn the university into…well, that’s a spoiler alert!