The Pulse of the City: Kenmore Square

For the past four months of this semester, I’ve been enrolled in a class entitled Hothouse Productions, which is a student-run client-driven production company based at BU.

The goal of the semester? Make the best video for your client. Or else.

Goal met. Goal met big time.

My group and I – Kellan Reck, Katie Wolosoff, and Brian Gallagher AKA Team Kenmore – took on Hotel Commonwealth, a popular Boston hotel in Kenmore Square, as our client. We met with the hotel management, who charged us with the task of creating a promotional video not for them, but for Kenmore Square.

Shooting time lapses in Kenmore Square.
Shooting time lapses in Kenmore Square.

What’s the purpose of that? The hotel wanted to promote the special area Kenmore has become for the city. Kenmore used to be quite the dodgy neighborhood, but now, thanks to the hotel and thriving businesses in the square, Kenmore has quite literally become the heart of Boston. It’s pulse.

Kenmore Square is the where you see the pulse of the city.

More time lapses!
More time lapses!

Our resulting work below represents some of the most satisfying work my Brian, Katie, Kellan, and I have ever done. From shooting on the roof of the hotel in the wee hours of the morning to staying up way past our bedtime for lil meetings that became quite the bonding moments for us, we’ve created not just a promotional video for Hotel Commonwealth to share on their website, but a tribute to Kenmore. A tribute to Boston.

Why would you need to go anywhere else?

Shooting on the roof of Hotel Commonwealth.
Shooting on the roof of Hotel Commonwealth.

BIG BIG BIG special thanks to our professor, Barry Nolan, and his wife, Garland Waller, for all of their help in making this a success.

Producer: Brian Gallagaher

Associate Producer: Katie Wolosoff

Director: Kellan Reck

Editor & Media Manager: Chris Roys

Written by: Katie Wolosoff, Chris Roys & Brian Gallagaher

Narrator: Will Keary

Executive Producer: Barry Nolan

Behind the Scenes: “Let Her Go”

UPDATE: Watch the new, full video here!

I’m not usually one to take people behind the camera lens as I create my videos (unless I’m getting paid to!), but with my upcoming work for Passenger’s breakout hit “Let Her Go” I just had the urge to. Sometimes you just gotta roll with those urges.

“Let Her Go” is an extremely evocative song, filled with so much emotion, perfectly balancing heartbreak with happiness and a tinge of future uncertainty. I used all three in creating my vision for the song.


While I don’t want to spoil the premise of the whole film, I will say that I structured it as a film within a film. One character finds a DVD another character left behind and plays it, watching all the heartbreak, happiness, and future uncertainty unfold before his own eyes. It’s more of a film that will illustrate an acceptance of the blending of those three.

I’m struggling, however, with the effects, as I want a nostalgic tone, but not so much so that it looks like a movie from the ’80s (which has been a bit of my mantra the past couple of films). It’s a bit of challenge to separate what’s the real film and what’s the film on the DVD, but I’ve been working out different methods on this challenge.

One thing is for sure, though, it’s all slowly but surely coming together. As it always does, I suppose.

But hey, if we can’t celebrate the coming together but only the finished product, where’s the fun in that?

Teasing the Return of…

We’re baaaaaack!

Dan and I are living together this summer as we work for BU Orientation, so of course I had to bring back what has become quite the staple of our bromance.

Need to catch up on “Living With Dan” before our new season? Check it out here!

Reliving “127 Hours”

My final project for the Post Production FX Editing class I took this past spring semester was to take the film “127 Hours” and create a brand new trailer. I needed to propose a reason as to why I wanted to create a new trailer, and how mine would be different.

The film is largely an internal look at Aron Ralston’s character development – what led him to this horrible circumstance, and how he learns from them to get out of it. From that standpoint, I developed a trailer that tracked his journey to the moment he was trapped by the rock, filled with spots of the moments in his life that marked momentous decisions or serious character traits (read: flaws).

Beginning with Dido’s “Blackbird,” I segued into Oliver Tank’s “Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion,” a song most know from the viral YouTube Aussie hit “It’s Time.” Tank’s synths develop the sympathy towards Aron’s character I wished to portray.

The final result might actually bring a tear to your eye.

Preparing for 4 Months in Oz: Australia Documentary Promo

In light of my impending fall semester in Australia, I realized that I knew I was going to end up making a video blog/documentary about all of my travels there, like I did when I went to South Africa in 2008 (I’ll be posting those videos later).

Continue reading Preparing for 4 Months in Oz: Australia Documentary Promo

Shameless Promotion: My Own Video Reel

After all the past work I’ve done over the years, I figured it was high time I created a video reel or promo to display as the main footage on my YouTube channel to introduce people who happened across my work to everything I’ve done so far.

Not a bad first attempt. Certainly makes me seem way cooler than I actually am.

Video: Chris Roys (Promo)

Date Uploaded: December 7, 2011

Promoting Nostalgia: The “Living With Dan” Promo

You’re going to want to read the next ten or so posts by me…because I’m going to start talking about my video blog from my sophomore year at BU… “Living With Dan.” It tells the stories and trials of living with my best friend and best nutcase in the whole world, Dan Petersen.

This is the promo. This should get you excited all over again.

Video: LIVING WITH DAN Video Blog Promo

Date Uploaded: May 25, 2011

Professionally Promoting: Jump Rope Promo #3

After a year from the first and second jump rope promos, I decided wanted a break from Missing for a bit (the second season just ended…it wouldn’t be until the end of the year when I would revamp the series for its final season) and realized I wanted to make an even better promo. One that was short and to the point. Something that looked way more professional than the previous two did.

I gave myself a 90 second limit. I took all the footage I had and threw in my bag of tricks. Throughout the process, I realized one important thing that I would relearn later on in college: enter the scene late and leave early. That’s why I love this promo so much. I kept it tight.

It hasn’t been as popular over the years as the first two, but I’m so much prouder of this final promo for the Forbes Flyers than I am of the others.

Here we go:

Video: Forbes Flyers Jump Rope Team (Promo #3)

Date Uploaded: February 15, 2009

Scaling the Wall: Jump Rope Promo #2

I received a lot of positive response and constructive criticism for my first promo , even though I cringe a bit (okay, a lot) when I look back on it. Soon after I released the promo, though, I realized I could do a lot better. I enlisted my fellow jump rope teammate Devin to help me out with the structure and soundtrack of the new promo.

There isn’t much else to say except that this one was much more popular than the first. The Forbes Flyers started using this one to promote our team at venues we performed.

And so I give you…

Video: Forbes Flyers Jump Rope Team (Promo #2)

Date Uploaded: March 2, 2008

The Beginning: Jump Rope Promo #1

I’ve had my YouTube channel since May of 2007. Since then I’ve posted a number of videos that I’ve deleted from my uploads, namely a three-season series (comprised of 13 episodes) entitled Missing, which detailed the fictional events of what occurred when my cat Mr. Willy went, well…missing.

I began to take a more professional tone with my work when I began to create promotional videos for the Forbes Flyers, a national and international competitive jump rope team that I am a member of (yes, competitive jump rope exists, as you’ll see in a moment). With my first promo for the team posted in 2008, I saw a bit of success. Up until this moment, the promo has just under 1,500 views.

Missing lasted from 2007 until 2010, but I decided that represented my experimental days…so a DVD of the 13 episodes rests on my desk. I take it everywhere I go to remind myself of how I started and what I could do in the beginning.

This promo changed all of that.

Video: Forbes Flyers Jump Rope Team (Promo #1)

Date Uploaded: February 11, 2008